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travel apps

Travelling should always be an exciting and worry free experience, right ? Well, if you are anything like me, whether you are travelling alone or with a group you might feel somewhat stressed  or overwhelmed and maybe a little lost along the way. For one thing, like many millennials I tend to be a rather spontaneous traveler due to the occurrence of breaks or holidays or budget constraints and so my trips aren’t always planned that well in advance. So I’ve compiled a list of innovative apps and websites some of which I have used and some I’m excited to use in the near future all of which I believe will make the travel experience simpler and less stressful.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and I am learning as an intern at a travel tech meets insurance tech and financial tech startup that these industries are definitely in full bloom and there’s no loss of inspiration here. While there’s no perfect way of grouping these apps since many serve more than one purpose, I have tried to categorized them below.

1.Where to go and where to  stay ?  TripAdvisor, Yelp, Airbnb, Tansler

TripAdvisor, founded in 2000, continues to be the world’s leading travel websites with the freshest and most relevant information and reviews on hotels, restaurants, attractions and the like. They’ve vastly expanded over the last decade, acquiring a number of startups and gaining new and improved functionality in the process that can help you to decide what to do on your trip based hundreds of real reviews. Yelp hosts, develops and markets smaller businesses within local areas using crowd sourced reviews . Airbnb, which has taken the vacation rental market by storm by offering thousands of private accommodation listings from the most economic to most elaborate.  Tansler is a relatively new, multi award and rapidly expanding platform that allows travelers to set their price and chose at least two homes. They then send the offers to those homes creating an auction. The first host to accept the offer wins the travelers stay and the auction ends. The traveler then has 24 hours to accept the bid before it expires.


2.How to get there?  Rome2Rio , Uber

Rome2Rio provides comprehensive and informative information on how to get from one location to another by train, bus, plane, taxi, ferry, walking and driving route, and links from the transport companies. Uber, which has inevitably changed the way we travel is an ultra convenient, on demand taxi service all from the convenience of the Uber app. And it’s cashless and there’s no tipping necessary. Uber automatically deducts the trip fare from your credit card.

  1.  Make your travel itinerary. TripIt , Travefy Personal

TripIt creates a beautiful online itineraries available on all your devices with all your trip details – all you have to do is forward all your confirmation emails to the app. Your personalized itineraries can be emailed and shared with family, friends who might need to be on the loop about your whereabouts. TripIt also gives real-time alerts for connecting flights – so that’s less panicked running for monitors at airports for us. What about group trips ? It’s rarely an easy task to get everyone on the same page on what-to-do and what to see and travel group chats often end up with a lot of spam and irrelevant links. Travefy Personal is an app that lets groups plan trip itineraries with things to do from 8 million plus restaurants, activities, deals and more. You can also discover and make reservations for hotels and vacation rentals from Travefy Personal. Payments can be set up by card or cash so that no one gets stuck with the bill.

  1. Money Matters. Currency, Splittr

Splittr is wonderful for group trips when each of you paid for different things, and it the end , no one is sure exactly who owes what to whom. Splittr makes it simple so that you can add expenses,  who paid for it and who benefited from it. Uneven splitting and all currencies are supported by Splittr. At the end of the trip, PDF documents can be generated and sent to everyone in your group. You won’t have to worry about tedious calculations and excel documents for trips any longer. Currency is a super simple but powerful conversion app and is perfect if you are traveling abroad. It provides up to date rates of over 150 currencies and countries.

  1. Navigation. Google Maps, Waze ,

Google Maps is pretty basic , but oh-so-essential for your directions in getting from one place to another and they have some capacity to be used offline. though, is a mapping system available offline once the maps are downloaded. And they seem to have maps of pretty much everywhere. The maps at boasts having incredible detail right down to statues and water fountains and even dirt paths. A must if you are traveling without data or don’t have a wireless connection near you. Just don’t forget to download the map when you do have Wi-Fi. Waze is one of the largest community based traffic apps that works in real-time with real people giving live feedback about the state of roads and routes you are trying to navigate. Super helpful for road trips , especially in big cities.

So there you have it, apps designed to make your traveling  experience as stress free as possible. Are there any we forgot to mention ? Let us know your thoughts!

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