Despite having just a few employees on staff at Pablow Inc., the startup organization has continued to develop numerous new technologies and areas of expertise without adding additional in-house employees.

How is this possible?  It’s our company’s strategy of outsourcing small tasks outside of our expertise to independent contractors online through professional service auction sites and larger tasks to our strategic partners.

Examples of projects we have outsourced in the past couple of months include data research and compilation, customer prospecting, presentation design, graphic/logo design, and website maintenance and control.  The benefit of outsourcing each of these tasks was a quick and professionally-finished final product, while our current employees focused on their other work responsibilities.

For companies without a budget to pay independent contractors it may seem easier to just complete many of these tasks with current employees.  But considering the opportunity cost, it may be a better investment for your employees to focus on what they do best rather than trying to train them and hope for a quality end-product (which is less than probable).

Still not convinced this is a solution applicable to your business?  I urge you to explore possible low-cost projects that could be outsourced and give it a try for a small amount of monetary risk.  There are plenty of online auction sites for professional services, your company just has to find the one that is right for your current situation and needs.  Our favorite is currently, though we would love to hear what works best for your organizations.

Thanks for reading, and remember that PABLOW PROTECTS!

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